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Chai Tea from the Rocky Mountains

Chai tea from the Rocky Mountains

I received some Chai tea courtesy of Ommate sent by Sukey. This organic chai surprises with its aromatic complexity.
Who is Ommate? It's a start-up based in Boulder, Colorado. They will probably surprise us with other chai teas.

This Chai is composed of Assam tea blended with fresh spices.

I brewed it in two different ways. First with Chai tea only. Second with a little almond milk.

This blend tastes like gingerbread cockies. It's Christmas time im each sip. You must try!

Enjoy!😋 on Instagram Chai tea from @drinkommate
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Teamail From Uji!!

Teamail From Uji!!
I received some Sencha tea courtesy of Kenyo Tea sent by Maxine. This organic sencha surprises with its aromatic complexity.
Who is Kenyo Tea? It's a start-up based in Scotland and they are rooted in Japan.  We deserve to keep an eye on them, because they will probably surprise us with other teas.
Dry leaves 
The dark green leaves of this sencha smell vegetal (aromatic herbs). A subtle parsley finish emerges from the dry leaves.
I used a kyusu pot (50 ml) with 2.5 grams of tea and spring water. I infused the tea for 40 seconds at a temperature of 75°C. For the second one I infused the leaves 15 seconds and the third one I infused the  leaves 30 seconds.
Wet leaves 
Strong Vegetable (Artichoke) aroma followed by a roasted rice note. A fresh taste and a fine floral finish comes through in the end.
The liquor 
A lightly veiled yellow liquor. Vegetable taste (vegetable cooking water) with a sweet texture and a slightly tangy finish.

on Instagram Sencha tea from @k…

Lucky In The Sky With Diamond

When teamail sounds like Christmas day 
I received some Shou teas courtesy of Crimson Lotus Tea. But, today, I'm going to focus on the 2013 "Lucky Cloud" Shou Puerh.

What were you doing in 2013? 2013 was the year they announced  Batman would be played by Ben Affleck. 😕
2013 was the year they announced the last season of Breaking Bad. 😖
2013 was the year that Miley Cyrus introduced us to twerking. 😱
Ok, stop it with bad news.
The good news is that 2013 was also the year when Crimson Lotus Tea gave us the delicious tea called "Lucky Cloud".
The story behind the name Lucky Cloud, is because this puerh is so smooth and creamy and it's like floating on a cloud.

Dry leaves 
A smell of leather emerges from dry leaves with a subtle caramelized sugar finish.
I used a gawain (100 ml) with 5 grams of tea and spring water. I rinsed the leaves twice briefly with the same water. (around 5 seconds). I infused the tea for 30 seconds at a temperature of 100°C. I added 10 s…

Final countdown

This week...
If you're a student, this week has probably been stressful for you because it's the end of the semester. 😐 
If you are not student, I hope you are not too stressed in the blitz before Christmas.😕
This week, I met a beautiful girl. She loves yoga.  Her name is Al Bino ...

This teatime, I tried a black tea in a gawain. It's not something I do often, I'd rather use a teapot for my black teas. 
So, I chose the Yunnan Da Ye for my tea session. The leaves :
Unsurprisingly, Yunnan Da Ye comes from Yunnan Province in China. The cultivar called Da Ye means big leaf in chinese. The leaves were slightly rolled. The result is pretty spirals elongated in shades of black and gold. Dry, the leaves give off a sweet floral perfume and a touch of resin reminiscent of the smell of conifers in winter. The infusion and the liquor :
Common to a lot of Chinese black tea, a sweet aroma, brown sugar, comes out of the liquor.No, I didn't tea the yoga girl. She didn't participate …

Bindbole Shou

It's early winter in Montreal. It's only November and we already have snow.😐
So the tea session will be better. 😍
I received this tea from Global Tea Hut crew. Fun fact, the name of the tea "Bindbole" refers to the type wood found in the Shire in  The Lord of the Rings from J.R.R. Tolkien. The leaves :

Bindbole is early 80's loose leaf Shou Puerh made of second grade leaves. The big brown bud smells like the cellar of an old house.
The infusion and the liquor :
The aromas of horse, stable and damp wood emerge from the rinsing of the leaves. Its brick-coloured liquor is crystalline and soft. 

The taste :

Its generous taste of wet leather, with hints of horse and stable pay tribute to the age of this tea. The finish of this nectar is as dry as chalk. I used 5 grams of tea in a 100 ml gaiwan. It will titilate your taste buds for at least 10 infusions.

Enjoy! 😋

on Instagram

Puerh tea from @globalteahut
Gawain  from @tangpintea

Gawain avaliable