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Final countdown

This week...
If you're a student, this week has probably been stressful for you because it's the end of the semester. 😐 
If you are not student, I hope you are not too stressed in the blitz before Christmas.😕
This week, I met a beautiful girl. She loves yoga.  Her name is Al Bino ...

This teatime, I tried a black tea in a gawain. It's not something I do often, I'd rather use a teapot for my black teas. 
So, I chose the Yunnan Da Ye for my tea session. The leaves :
Unsurprisingly, Yunnan Da Ye comes from Yunnan Province in China. The cultivar called Da Ye means big leaf in chinese. The leaves were slightly rolled. The result is pretty spirals elongated in shades of black and gold. Dry, the leaves give off a sweet floral perfume and a touch of resin reminiscent of the smell of conifers in winter. The infusion and the liquor :
Common to a lot of Chinese black tea, a sweet aroma, brown sugar, comes out of the liquor.No, I didn't tea the yoga girl. She didn't participate …